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About Us

About Us

Brad Franklin-Chair

Brad Franklin has been involved with the motorsports industry for over 30 years, most currently with Yamaha Motor Corporation USA in numerous and diversified positions within Yamaha’s service group. For the last 10 years he has served as Government Relations Manager, directly involved with vehicle compliance and regulatory issues as well as Land and Water access issues. Prior to his involvement with Yamaha, Franklin worked for American Suzuki Motors.

Franklin’s first experience with OHV recreation started early and took him to Southern California where he and his family make their home. He is an avid motorcyclist and rides as often as possible, including an everyday commute, rain or shine, and at least a few holiday rides. Franklin is an avid outdoorsman. From ATV riding in the desert, and snowmobiling in the mountains, to offshore fishing and hunting with his sons and close friends or backpacking the high Sierra, Franklin is very much at home in the outdoors.

Franklin serves as Chairman of the American Watercraft Association and Chairman of Tread Lightly. He is an active member on many committees of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and board member for the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and the Off-Road Business Association.

Franklin’s extensive experience with the power sports industry, his wide ranging outdoor interests, along with his proven ability to work with diverse individuals and groups, gives him the tools to be an effective champion of outdoor recreation.

Kevin Lund-Vice Chair

Kevin is Product Line Marketing Manager for Utility Vehicles for John Deere in Cary, North Carolina, and oversees Product Marketing for John Deere’s “Gator” line of Utility Vehicles.  In this role, Kevin works closely with vehicle customers worldwide to develop and market products to meet their transportation and recreational needs.

Growing up in Minnesota, Kevin developed an affinity for the outdoors, including camping, canoeing, fishing, snowmobiling and water sports.  The popularity of these practices across the outdoor areas and especially the wetlands in Minnesota brought the need for responsible use and management of these lands in into keen focus.  Year-round camping trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota brought this need especially into focus as the popularity of that Wilderness Area has grown over the years.

Kevin graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth in 1986, and continues to return to Minnesota to enjoy the outdoor activities with his extended family.


Christine Jourdain-Secretary

Christine Jourdain is the Executive Director of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations.  ACSA works with the state snowmobile associations across the country and provides leadership and coordination on national snowmobile issues.

As the Executive Director of ACSA, Christine has the responsibility to act as the national coordinator and spokesperson for state snowmobile associations and snowmobile clubs throughout the U.S. to educate and inform the public about snowmobiling to increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of the sport.

Christine has been very effective at building partnerships between the snowmobilers and the federal land agencies where snowmobiles are utilized.  ACSA coordinates an annual Legislative Visit to Washington, DC and snowmobile rides with representatives from the federal land agencies across the country. Christine is a life-long outdoor enthusiast and grew up snowmobiling.  She enjoys summer activities as well as winter activities, both motorized and non-motorized.  Christine has been in association management for 25 years.


Pat Hudak-Treasurer

As the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for North American media group., Pat bring over 20+ years of knowledge and experience in the outdoor industry.  Most specifically his professional skills in brand management as well as partnership management, marketing communications and customer relations are an asset to Tread Lightly!.

Over the past twenty years, Pat has served a host of nonprofit organizations within the outdoor recreation and conservation industries by serving on the Board of Directors for organizations such as International Hunter Education Association and the Orion Institute.

Pat is a life-long outdoor enthusiast and brings passion and personal appreciation of fishing, hunting and other like outdoor activities.  In fact, he owns more outdoor equipment than most sporting good stores.  Pat’s ability to develop effective action plans and evaluation strategies are an asset to the Tread Lightly! Board of Directors.  Pat has previously served on Tread Lightly!’s board and has been instrumental in shaping much of what the organization is today.


Michael Schmitt-Emeritus

As Division Manager at Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A., Mike oversees the Government Relations group responsible for product compliance, certification, rulemaking and communication with government agencies.

The responsibilities associated with this position utilize Michael’s prior occupational experience with the USDA Forest Service.  Michael earned his BS degree in Forestry and JD Law.  Over the past twenty years he has served on a host of committees and/or boards relative to the motor vehicle and marine industry such as the MIC, MSF, SVIA, ISMA, etc.

Michael is a life-long outdoor enthusiast and brings passion and personal appreciation of fishing, hunting and other like outdoor activities.  He owns more outdoor equipment than most sporting good stores and has not one, but two SUVs to transport such things.

Michael believes a critical component to quality land management is to have balanced and effective communication between all stakeholders, land management agencies, users, and affected industries.  Such cooperation can assure that a multi-disciplinary approach is taken to ensure that all appropriate technical, social, and economic issues are evaluated in making decisions.  Resource management should be based on science and public policy in keeping with the charter legislation founding our public lands.  His current position relies heavily on the desirability to harmonize interests in the above balanced fashion.


Domenic Bravo

Division of State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails
State of Wyoming


Nelson Freeman

Growing up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, Nelson Freeman began bird hunting with his father at age eight and killed his first quail at age nine in the presence of his father, grandfather and two uncles.  This first experience led Nelson to a lifelong passion for hunting and the outdoors.  After graduating from Wake Forest University, he moved to Washington, D.C. to work for the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and then joined Safari Club International (SCI) in the Spring of 2007.

Nelson is the Deputy Director of Government Affairs for SCI, handling federal & state policy issues, grassroots advocacy, public relations and is the SCI political action committee liaison. Nelson works to develop effective communications to augment SCI’s lobbying presence in Washington, DC including the development of broad coalitions. Nelson represents SCI as a corporate spokesperson with recent interviews on NRA News, the Mike Huckabee Radio Show, and the Lars Larson radio show.  Nelson also serves as the spokesperson and media relations representative of the Hunter Defense Fund which is the first national Super-PAC to represent the interests of all American hunters.

He serves as the Secretary and on the Steering Committee for the 48 member organizations of the American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP), and works on the Hunting and Shooting Sports Roundtable alongside the federal land management agencies. Nelson volunteers as a Professional Member of the Boone & Crockett Club and is the fiduciary agent for the Ruffed Grouse Society in Washington DC.


 Paul Golde

Golde has held the position of Senior Product Specialist at Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A. since 2006 and has enjoyed working for numerous other powersports industry companies since 1977, including Vetter Fairing Company, Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), Malcolm Smith Products and Intersport Fashions West. While at the MIC, Golde was part of the industry team that developed and implemented the highly successful Trailbike Workshop program, bringing all levels of public land managers together to understand and plan for the sport of trail riding.

In the mid-1980’s, he served a four year term on the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission where he also chaired the Grants and Cooperative Agreements Committee. A lifelong motorcycle and outdoor enthusiast, Golde is well familiar with the need for motorized recreationists to ride quietly and responsibly on public lands.


Patti Klein

Patti Klein is the National Lead for Stewardship Programs for the Bureau of Land Management. She has over 22 years’ experience working for the federal government and worked for the Forest Service as an Outdoor Recreation Manager and Partnerships Lead for 12 years prior to joining the BLM.

Patti graduated from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership.  She has been an outdoor enthusiast since childhood and is the proud parent of three awesome kids.


Jon Lee 

Jon is currently the Brand Communications manager with BP. He has served on the Tread Lightly! Board since 2009. His extensive background in the outdoor retail industry makes him a valuable asset to Tread Lightly!

This role also allowed him to be close to the outdoor industry, where he was a regular at events such as Moab Easter Jeep Safari, Jeep Jamboree, Off-Road Expo and King of the Hammers.  Jon played a big part in creating incentive programs with Tread Lightly! that increase Tread Lightly!’s base of individual members.  In addition to Jon’s career that brought him closer to the outdoor industry, his hobbies include activities that get him into the mountains to ski or camp.  He enjoys spending time on the slopes or in the woods with his family.


Martin G. McDonald

Martin G. Mac Donald, currently holds the position of Director of Conservation for Bass Pro Shops and is working to establish Bass Pro Shops first department that deals solely with conservation. Martin has served with the company for 16 years as the Director of Corporate Public Relations, Conservation and Youth Development. He has served as a Bass Pro spokesperson, given leadership to media relations, public and community relations, corporate giving, conservation, outdoor skills education and public affairs. He has given leadership to retail store announcements, groundbreakings, roof topping ceremonies and the grand opening and Evening for Conservation ceremonies at all new store openings.

Martin earned a Bachelors Degree in Fish and Wildlife Ecology, and a Masters Degree in Extension Education/Interpretative Outdoor Education from the University of Missouri – Columbia.


Jan Rintamaki
Director, Government Relations
Polaris Industries


Jeff Nasi

Prior to recently becoming the Senior Director of Digital Aftermarket Advertising for Source Interlink Media, Jeff was the Group Publisher of SIM’s five off-road truck & 4×4 magazines for several years. He is a 15 year employee of SIM, the largest publisher of niche-interest magazines, websites & events in USA. SIM’s brands are predominantly automotive with 60+ magazines & websites covering the auto, truck and motorcycle enthusiast markets.

Jeff’s love for off-roading and the industry that supports it started back in 1985 with the purchase of his first 4×4. Jeff has been actively off-roading ever since and is keenly aware of the challenges that face its future. In addition, he has a deep love & appreciation for proper use of the environment and broadcasts it at every opportunity. Jeff joined Tread Lightly!’s board of directors in 2006 in an effort to help broadcast its message across SIM’s appropriate titles and help Tread Lightly! develop market-appropriate media campaigns. SIM publishes approximately $500,000 worth of no-charge PSA and promotional advertising for Tread Lightly! annually.


Joel Pedersen

Joel is a lifelong sportsman and avid hunter and fisher who has the good fortune to make a career out of those passions.  Joel has worked in a variety of roles for the National Wild Turkey Federation since 1999.  The NWTF is a non-profit sportsmen’s organization with 250,000 members and chapters in all 50 states.  Joel is currently the Director of Western Conservation Planning.  In this role, Joel is responsible for building partnerships with state and Federal wildlife and land management agencies, other NGOs, and businesses to deliver large scale conservation and recreational access projects.  Joel serves on the steering committee for the American Wildlife Conservation Partners. Joel is a National Conservation Leadership Institute Fellow, and has served on the NCLI staff since 2010.

Joel has been a member of the Tread Lightly! Board of Directors since 2007.  Joel has a strong personal interest in maintaining public access for recreational activities.  He firmly believes that the actions of users have a direct impact on continued and future access.  As a member of the Board, and of the Hunting and Shooting Sports Roundtable, Joel was instrumental in helping to build the Respected Access is Open Access campaign.  As a certified wildlife biologist, Joel is able to offer insight as to how OHV use may impact wildlife and wildlife habitats; a unique perspective to bring to Tread Lightly!’s Board of Directors.  As an avid hunter, and representative of a hunting organization, Joel also brings the hunter’s perspective to the Board, and provides insight regarding effective ways to reach this important user group.


Bob Ratcliffe

Chief, Conservation and Recreation
National Park Service

Jamie Schwartz
Outdoor Ethics Program Manager
USDA Forest Service

Ken Scuito

Ken Scuito is the Director of Corporate Marketing for Bushwacker.  He has been an active participant of Tread Lightly! for over six years.

Ken has an extended background in the off-road industry with over 22 years experience in marketing, off-road events and industry trade shows.  Because of his ability to get the job done, Ken has been challenged with many opportunities within Bushwacker, including things like managing the design engineer team, creating a warranty program and much more.

Ken enjoys the outdoors and is a member of one of the largest non-profit organizations in Oregon, SOLV (Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism).  This group is dedicated to cleaning up tires, litter, car bodies and more from the Oregon landscape.  Ken has worked with the SOLV organization to blend the winching expertise at Warn and the volunteer spirit of Warn’s employees into a team that works with SOLV to clean up some of the major problem areas in Oregon.  He also works with ORBA and the Blue Ribbon Coalition.


Todd Smith

Todd Smith has more than 30 years of media experience creating best-in-class content for online, video and print. He is currently Vice President of Content Development at InterMedia Outdoors where he is responsible for creating large, multi-media editorial programs.

Smith is an avid outdoorsmen whose entire career has been spent in the hunting and fishing industries. Prior to joining InterMedia in 2011, Smith was editor-in-chief of Outdoor Life for 14 years during which time the brand won numerous awards for editorial and online excellence.

While Smith has hunted and fished on five continents, he still considers America’s wilderness his favorite place to escape to. In addition to hunting and fishing, Smith is an avid backpacker, survival authority and Boy Scout leader. He also sits on the board of Tread Lightly!, whose core focus is on supporting and encouraging stewardship from those engaged in outdoor recreation on America’s lands and waterways and on the board of the Rye Nature Center in his hometown.

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