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Over the last few years, Tread Lightly! and its partners, have been able to provide a printed posters giveaway program. The Educational Posters Program provides customized posters for placement on existing kiosks to land managers, clubs and individuals at no cost to the agencies. The posters are printed on high quality PVC laminate with UV rated ink, customized by state and even allow for a customize-able QR code that directs scanners to designated routes maps.

The response has been overwhelming. Tread Lightly! has now distributed more than 3,000 posters across the nation in every state except Delaware, Hawaii, Tennessee and Rhode Island.

The 2014 program ended Sept 12, 2014. You may purchase posters in our store.

For additional questions on the Educational Posters Program, please call 801-627-0077 or email Evan Robins, Education and Stewardship Programs Manager:

The Tread Lightly! Educational Poster Program is made possible through partners. Tread Lightly!’s partners will receive recognition through tasteful logo placement on every poster created.


2012 = Yellow

2013 = Blue

Educational Poster Placement 2013

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