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Join hundreds of other resource managers and order one of Tread Lightly!’s high quality PVC laminate educational posters!  They can even be customized with a QR code that directs scanners to your designated routes maps.

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2012 = Yellow

2013 = Blue

2014 = Red

Educational Poster Map 2014

Get more details with our interactive Google map!



·        James Long, Santa Clara Park and Recreation: “The posters look great! Thank you guys for running this awesome program.”

·        Erin Rajala, BLM Ely, NV: “Thanks much, the posters are a great asset to educating our public!” 

·        Kyle Kidde, State of Alaska DNT Trails: “Thank you, Tread Lightly! and the program sponsors for providing this resource.”

·        John Campbell, BSA’s Northwest Suburban Council, Palatine, IL: “I received the posters and they arrived in perfect shape.  I did not expect such high quality paper, so THANK YOU to your sponsors for such marvelous support.  We will get those posters up in prominent places in our camps and visible places in the Scout office.  Thank you again.”

·        Clif Koontz, Ride with Respect, Moab, UT: “They look good. I was also impressed by the quality of material.”

·        Ashley Rooney, Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails: “They are great and perfect for what we need!”

·        Will Decker, USFS’ Mount Hood National Forest, OR: “Thank you so much. They really make our kiosks look professionally managed.”

·        Bob Gates, BSA’s Circle Ten, Allen, TX: “WOW much better than anticipated. I have already made arrangements to get these in our Camps.  But more important in several other Council camps in our area – which was the original plan for these. Now trying the impossible – to see if I can get them posted on the walls of several 4-wheel drive sellers in the area.  But I think I will be successful in a few cases.”

·        Harrison Friedman, BLM Bakersfield, CA: “We have indeed received them, and they’re awesome. Already have one hanging at our public contact desk, one slated to go up at the Taft chamber of commerce visitor center, and more set to go out in the field soon. Thanks so much for sending them– fantastic program! Will be curious to see how they’re received in the field… and send some pictures and (hopefully) success stories as we get them.”

·        Mark Jacobsen, BLM Eastern Montana Dakotas District: “Thanks Tread Lightly! They are absolutely Marvelous! I’d sure like to get more “Montana personalized” items from you in the future!!”

·        David Bently, USFS’ San Bernardino National Forest: “OUTSTANDING!!!! I love the quality of the stock and printing. You guys rock.”

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