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Restoration for Recreation

Restoration for Recreation was designed to keep the great outdoors healthy, accessible and open to the public by providing much needed resources for restoration, maintenance and new construction, along with education and outreach initiatives to help America’s public agencies better manage sustainable outdoor recreation.

rest4reclogo small PNGTread Lightly! established this initiative circa 1997 to generate voluntary funding from the private sector. Since then, Tread Lightly! and its partners from both the private and public sectors, along with the sweat of volunteers have been building bridges, improving maps and signage, and restoring damaged areas and degraded trails into enjoyable recreation resources. The environmental economic and social value to the nation is priceless.

Corporations and organizations who are interested in these programs and other specific opportunities to support Tread Lightly!’s mission should contact Dianne Olson at

Read the full program overview.

Clean Ups By Quadratec

Learn more about our grant program under the umbrella of Restoration for Recreation called Clean Ups by Quadratec.

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