We’ve teamed up with HCF Motorsports to build us a custom 2021 JLU trail rig! Then we’ll turn around and give it away to one lucky TL! member.

What started as an everyday Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon on March 1, 2022 has been converted to a 2-seat Jeep buggy complete with one ton axles, 42 inch sticky tires a custom roll cage and some of the best aftermarket parts the offroad industry has to offer. A full build series for the Jeep can be found on MischiefMakerTV.

As always, thanks to all Tread Lightly!’s members – individuals, dealers, retailers, outfitters, Boy Scout troops, non-profits, and everyone else – you are all critical in helping keep the outdoors beautiful, healthy and open to the public.


Who’s behind the build?

We’re working to be sure that all the details are in place so that the giveaway is a smooth process for everyone. With all the excitement to build the Jeep, we are a little behind on how to give it away! BUT EVERYTHING WILL BE IN PLACE SOON.

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    Be sure to follow the build on Mischief Maker Tv

    Hollie Fowler

    A leading member of the offroad community with a passion for promoting responsible recreation. Hollie Fowler is widely recognized as a leading voice among female OHV drivers. She is a tireless advocate for women who wheel and wrench and encourages other to experience the confidence, competence and life-long friendships that go hand-in-hand with being in the driver’s seat.

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    Come check out the vehicle in person!

    • April 11 – Vehicle Reveal at the BFG Garage
    • April 13 – Moab4x4 Expo Tread Lightly! Booth 
    • April 14-15 – Red Rock 4 Wheels Expo at the BFGoodrich Booth
    • June 10 Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival at the Butler Brewery
    • June 11-12 Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival at the BFGoodrich
    • June 17-19 Anthracite Offroad Adventure Area at the Ultimate 4×4 Field Trip Marketplace
    • July 15-17 Black Mountain Outdoor Adventure Area at the Ultimate 4×4 Field Trip Marketplace
    • July 29-31 Windrock Park at the Ultimate 4×4 Field Trip Marketplace
    • August 26-28 Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion at the Warn Industries and Factor55 Booth
    • September 16-18 Wolf Caves at the Ultimate 4×4 Field Trip Marketplace
    • September 23-25 Palo Duro Challenge
    • October 3-8 Trail Hero at the BFGoodrich Garage

    Proposed rules and regulations (still being finalized)

    Purchase Entries:

    $5 for 1 Entry

    $20 for 5 Entries

    Membership Entries:

    $25 membership and get 10 entries

    $50 membership and get 25 entries

    $100 membership and get 60 entries

    $250 membership and get 180 entries

    Membership Renewal Upgrades:

    Upgrade to a $50 membership and get 30 entries

    Upgrade to a to $100 membership and get 75 entries

    Upgrade to a to $250 membership and get 200 entries

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    So, are you guys ready to follow this story? Are you ready to win a dream jeep? Hit the trails with confidence? I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project and how excited I am abut sharing this with you all! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with the tardiness of this video.

    These are the first 3 days of working on the build……. did it go to plan?! Not so much but time in on Wednesday to see a more detailed video on what we are doing and how! So excited to have you guys on board with us in this awesome process 😁