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To date, 2 Native American tribes, 7 federal agencies, 10 state government agencies, 2 county governments, 11 universities and colleges, 9 museums, 22 non-profit organizations, 21 private sector businesses, and 38 individuals have participated in an online survey and/or regional stakeholder meetings to identify the key issues and messages the public awareness campaign should emphasize. The Respect and Protect Communications Plan is meant to serve as a living document and will be updated as additional partners begin supporting the initiative, communication strategies and tactics are refined, additional target audiences are identified, and the various phases of the public awareness campaign are implemented. Click to download the full overview.

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Promoting responsible recreation through stewardship, education and communication. Plus we get out there and live it.
The T.R.E.A.D. Principles help minimize your impact when playing in the outdoors. They come in all forms of recreation to help you stay on track and keep America’s Public Lands open, healthy and beautiful. Travel Responsibly, Respect The Rights Of Others, Educate Yourself, Avoid Sensitive Areas, Do Your Part.

Rock art and vandalism in Escalante

We spent the day in Escalante for Public Lands day and took some time to visit with archaeologist Matt Zweifel with the BLM. He helped us learn about the importance of stewardship of the incredible rock art in the area.

Help us cut out vandalism. #respectandprotect , Utah Rock Art Research Association www.urara.wildapricot.org, BLM Utah www.blm.gov/utah and Utah Division of State History www.heritage.utah.gov

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Our materials help educate everyone on responsible motorized recreation. We’ve got posters, brochures, videos and stickers. Al are available for you to use.

They can be downloaded as single PDFs on the material page or ordered from Tread Lightly! Store.

If you have specific need, please contact brian@treadlightly.org with any requests.

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