Brought to you by the Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation - Off Highway Vehicle Program

Utah’s Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Program provides statewide leadership, in the area of OHV recreation, by promoting responsible OHV recreation use; providing safety and education; managing a statewide system of OHV recreational trail opportunities; and providing conservation and enforcement efforts that balance OHV recreation impacts with good stewardship of our natural

Travel Responsibility

Including motorized trail use, dealing with muddy trails, sight lines, crossing water, tire pressure, preventing damage, communication, complying with signs and winching.

Respect Rights

Including private property, yielding rules, sharing the trail and mixed use areas.

Educate Yourself

Including maps, permits, making a plan, safety, restrictions and being prepared.

Avoid Sensitive Areas

Including protected areas, conservation areas and wilderness areas.

Do Your Part

Including litter, fire protection, regulations, invasive species and safety.