Caribou-Targhee Motor Vehicle Use Map QR Code Project


Estimated Project Duration:  May 2016 to July 2016

Description from USDA Forest Service:

The Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Idaho currently provides a free paper copy of Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) developed for each District at Forest offices and many developed trailheads.  These maps provide information about motorized roads and trails.  However, the maps are very popular, and it is difficult to maintain an adequate supply.    The Forest has recently developed a Quick Response Code (QR Code) and placed it on the MVUMs developed for each Ranger District.  Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) riders can download a copy of the map to their mobile device and use it to plan legal travel routes.

We plan to utilize Tread Lightly! funding to  purchase weather resistant, reflective stickers and metal placards displaying the QR Code for the motorized roads and trails on each District or in each Forest area.  The QR Codes would be posted on existing trailhead and trail junction signs in order to better utilize the technology and quickly provide trail users with an electronic copy of the map.    Even though the MVUMs may be updated each year, the OHV rider can simply use the same QR Code to download the most recent version without having to come to a Forest office.

Volunteers from a local ATV club would assist Forest employees to place a QR Code sticker or placard on each motorized trailhead sign or trail junction sign on the Ashton/Island Park and Dubois Ranger Districts.    This project would literally put a copy of the map in the trail users hands while at the remote trailhead or trail junction. The map could also be stored in the users mobile device for use with other Global Positioning System or location applications.

Photo via USDA Forest Service
Tread Lightly! has awarded a “25 for 25” grant to partially fund this project.  Funding was made possible by our generous partners: Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative, Federal Premium Ammunition, Bushnell and Dallas Safari Club.  

Email grant awardee for more information or to volunteer


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