Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation Project


Estimated Project Duration:  1/1/2016- 6/30/2016

Description from Western Massachusetts Council, BSA:

Our Scout council is currently expanding our program on our approx. 1400 acre reservation. A large part of the expansion is the creation of a new trail system and upgrading of the existing trails.

We are entering the fourth year of our involvement with the ATV Rider Safety Course and Trail Ride Program and our trained instructors offer courses throughout the year as well as during the youth summer camp program. We offer the course to youth ages 14 and older and have generously received ATV’s on loan from Honda. Tread Lightly! is taught as part of the program. Adult participants are encouraged to attend, and once a person has received their certification they are allowed to join in supervised pleasure rides on the reservation.

Currently we are using predominantly old wood roads and established vehicle trails.  As we expand the trail network in camp we intend to design a system that will allow hikers, mountain bike riders, ATV riders and potentially horse riders to co-exist  on the property.  An evaluation will be made of existing trails, suitability of new routes explored and upgrades made where needed.  Signs and trail markers will be one of the important initial components as well as construction materials for stream crossing modifications.

Tread Lightly! has awarded a “25 for 25” grant to partially fund this project.  Funding was made possible by our generous partners: Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative, Federal Premium Ammunition, Bushnell and Dallas Safari Club.  

Email grant awardee for more information or to volunteer


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