Tread Lightly! provides Salt Lake Ranger District with Letter of Support

Tread Lightly! provided the Salt Lake Ranger District of the United States Forest Service with a Letter of Support for the their application for funding from the Utah Recreational Trails Program.

Date: April 6, 2021

State of Utah
Division of Natural Resources
Recreational Trails Program
1594 W. North Temple, Suite 116
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Utah Recreational Trails Program,
On behalf of Tread Lightly!, I am writing in support of the Salt Lake Ranger District’s grant
request to the Utah Recreational Trails Program for the work on Stansbury Front Trail, Gold
Hill, Tuttle Loop and other location on the Salt Lake Ranger District.
Tread Lightly! understands the important role that the Salt Lake Ranger District plays in
providing critically needed maintenance on Utah’s public lands in order to create safe and
sustainable access to all that enjoy it. Tread Lightly! believes that the Salt Lake Ranger Districts
grant will help address user education and make the trail systems safer and more sustainable.
Specifically the work on Buckland Ridge and Tuttle Loop explained in this grant.
Tread Lightly! would like to offer its support for this project and ask for your consideration to
allow Salt Lake Ranger District to receive the funding for this valuable project for the benefit of
all outdoor recreation enthusiasts in Utah.
Evan Robins
Education and Stewardship Program Manager

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