Lost Pines Scout Reservation Trail Repair


Estimated Project Duration:  May 2016 to July 2016

Description from Capitol Area Council, Boy Scouts of America:

Project Location and Purpose  Lost Pines Scout Reservation is one of the first places that many young men and women learn to hike, camp and enjoy nature, either visiting with their families as Cub Scouts or camping with their Troops as Boy Scouts.  However, after years of heavy use (the camp will receive nearly as many visitors yearly as the nearby state parks), the trails of the camp are in great need of resurfacing and erosion control maintenance.

Scope of the Work

Lost Pines Scout Reservation has over 10 miles of trails, with all 10 miles in need of work and 4 miles in desperate need of resurfacing and undated erosion control.   Scouts and Scouters have already been working on reestablishing steps and erosion control using local materials and trucks of invasive tree species removed from the property.  However, a more durable and permanent trail base of crushed granite will be needed to fully restore these trails for the next several decades.  Although the camp has a numerous volunteers to help spread and prepare the trail, funding is needed to help purchase trail base.

Intended Outcomes

1. Areas of extreme trail erosion will be addressed immediately using local materials (around 2 miles of trail total)

2. Newly repaired trail areas and areas of heaviest use will be covered with crushed granite at a depth of 3 inches.   Foot paths will be 4 feet wide for major trails and 2.5 feet wide for minor trails.

3. With funding from this grant, 1 – 2 miles of heaviest used trails can be repaired and surfaced.

4. Use this project to help teach youth at the camp about trail building and maintenance.

5. Capitol Area Council, Boy Scouts of America will continue to secure funding from other grants, and donations to finish resurfacing all of the trails.

Photo via Boy Scouts of America
Tread Lightly! has awarded a “25 for 25” grant to partially fund this project.  Funding was made possible by our generous partners: Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative, Federal Premium Ammunition, Bushnell and Dallas Safari Club.  

Email grant awardee for more information or to volunteer


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