Moab’s Destination Towers Project

Tread Lightly!, its partners and more than 40 volunteers completed another improvement project along Moab’s famous Sevenmile Rim Trail on May 18th during the Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks annual UTV event.

The project took place at one of Sevenmile Rim’s main scenic attractions–Determination Towers. Volunteers built approximately half a mile of fencing to help protect the area from damage and more clearly delineate the trail. This is the second Restoration for Recreation project Tread Lightly! has organized on the Sevenmile Rim this year.

Several partners came together to fund the trail improvements–including Discount Tire, Bad Boy Buggies, Camp Chef and Moab Tour Company. The Bureau of Land Management was also a supporting partner.

Rally on the Rocks was bigger than ever, and it was imperative that we include a Tread Lightly!Restoration for Recreationproject as part of the festivities this year,” said Lanse Chournos, Rally on the Rocks organizer. “We’re amazed at the volunteer support that was provided on the trail today–proving how environmentally conscious our UTV community really is.”

“This project kicks off a new partnership between Bad Boy Buggies and Tread Lightly!, and we’re proud to help keep fantastic trails like Sevenmile Rim open for generations of riders,” said Mike Riddle from Bad Boy Buggies.

Restoration for Recreation is designed to protect and maintain recreation opportunities by repairing road, trails and bridges, improving maps and signage access points and revitalizing dilapidated recreational facilities.

Get more information about donating to or volunteering for a Restoration for Recreation project.



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