Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance Short Film Project


Description from Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance:

The Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance (RMGA) is proud to spearhead production of a cutting edge public education piece on Rocky Mountain Goats. The final product will be a readily available and easily understandable short film highlighting mountain goat gender identification, ecology and biology, field judging, aging and trophy scoring.

While these topics have been covered in the past by some jurisdictions, most educational materials available to the public, specifically sportsmen and women, have grown dated by a modern world. It is imperative that we update these educational materials and make them broadly available as soon as possible.    RMGA feels it is our privilege and duty to lead the development of an educational tool that will positively benefit mountain goat populations across North America.

Tread Lightly! has awarded a “25 for 25” grant to partially fund this project.  Funding was made possible by our generous partners: Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative, Federal Premium Ammunition, Bushnell and Dallas Safari Club.  

Email grant awardee for more information or to volunteer


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