Hunting season is upon us!

Hunting season is upon us, the weather is cooler and the leaves are changing. This is an exciting time to get outside and practice responsible hunting. Tread Lightly! Has a handful of useful tips to keep your hunting safe.

Ride On

When getting to your location use designated routes and trails. No matter what vehicle you use, practice minimum-impact techniques. This includes driving over obstacles, not around them, to avoid widening the trail. Avoid cutting switchbacks, cutting them weakens their purpose of keeping the trail stable. Fall can be a rainy season, when possible avoid mud, when in soft terrain, keep a slow speed to avoid causing rutting.

Respected Access

When hunting it is important to respect property signs, if crossing private property one must ask permission from landowner. Leave gates as you find them. Hunting is about being a sportsman and practicing ethical hunting. Never shoot across roads, trails, waterways or into caves. Only shot when you see an animal clearly, and you know what lies between you, the target and beyond.

Seasoned hunters know that respectful hunting keeps access open and safe for everyone involved. Taking friends and family out hunting can be an excellent way to educate them on safe practices, regulations and create a love for the sport. For helpful tips click here. 

Always check with your local government for season and regulations.

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