Tread Lightly! Delivers Thousands of Free Interpretive Panels and Posters for Public Lands Kiosks Across the Nation

OGDEN, UT – As part of its efforts to improve behaviors through ethics education and provide good information to the outdoor recreation community, the nonprofit organization Tread Lightly! has recently provided nearly 1,700 free, customized interpretive panels to land management agencies across the country.

The panels were printed on a heavy-duty, UV-resistant laminated material for placement on existing public land kiosks at trailheads and other recreational sites. Each interpretive panel utilizes images and messaging from Tread Lightly!’s popular “Respected Access is Open Access” campaign as well as its new “RIDE ON Designated Routes” campaign. 10,000 smaller posters were also printed for placement on kiosks or inside information centers, ranger stations, etc.

“The response to our offer to provide land managers these much needed tools to help manage recreation more sustainably was overwhelming,” said Lori McCullough, Tread Lightly!’s executive director. “Within weeks we received requests for more than 2,800 panels in a range of the sizes offered. Land managers recognize the power of the Respected Access and RIDE ON campaigns. We are thrilled to see stewardship messaging on the ground at some of the country’s most popular recreation destinations and in places like shooting ranges and trailheads.”

Tread Lightly! and its strategically designed messages remind recreationists to help respect their access and keep it open by picking up litter, driving only on designated routes, shooting only at appropriate targets, respecting private property, reducing the spread of invasive species, and continuing other positive behaviors.

Funding for this program was provided, in part, by grants from Yamaha Motor Corporation’s OHV Access Initiative, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.



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