Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Bronco Wild Fund: Signage Installation at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area

Project: Signage Installation at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area
Location: Texas

Description: This project was made possible thanks to the Bronco Wild Fund.

On October 13-14, 2023, 12 volunteers from Bronco Wild Fund, Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area, Texas Motorized Trails Coalition and Texas 4WD Fall Run installed two new kiosks and 24 signs with Tread Lightly! responsible off-road ethics messaging and a map of the trail system at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area.

This project was incorporated as part of an annual Fall Run hosted by the Texas Four Wheel Drive Organization at this 1,850 acre, 200-mile trail Off-Road Park in Gilmer, TX.

In addition, a Bronco off-roading 101 orientation course was created for new Bronco owners to learn how to drive off-road using the technology integrated into the Ford Bronco. One of the existing trails at Barnwell Mountain became designated as a Bronco Trail and included additional signage along the trail to engage specific technologies along the trail. The signage, kiosk and Bronco 101 course was funded by the Texas Ford Dealers through a grant provided by Bronco Wild Fund.

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

 “Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area is so proud to partner with Tread Lightly! to help educate our off-road community on ways to help preserve our park. The beautiful kiosk has so much valuable information for how to be responsible while off-roading! We know our partnership with Tread Lightly! will help educate OHV enthusiasts here and in other parks across the country!” – Jennifer Driewer, Barnwell Mountain

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