Tread Lightly Impact Report: Colorado Flat Fender Club Trail Clearing

Project: Colorado Flat Fender Club Trail Clearing

Location: Nathrop, Colorado

On September 22, 2021, 30 volunteers from the Colorado Flat Fender Club (CFFC), in Jeeps made before 1954, along with Colorado Off-Road Enterprise (CORE) and Tread Lightly! worked to ensure Forest Road 297 to Pomeroy Lake near Northrop Colorado is clearly visible and that the legal route stays open to motorized use. During the day everyone chipped in to clear trail debris and remove illegal braided routes that threaten to cause increased trail erosion and effect the long-term recreational sustainability to this beautiful and inspiring area. Thank you to all the volunteers who dedicated their day to support motorized recreation in Colorado. This project would not be possible without the pre-planning and dedication to organizations like CORE and events like the CFFC Fall Color Tour. Huge thanks to them for being great example of off-road stewards.

“These are the most rewarding projects to help coordinate. The Flat Fender Event reached out to me last year with the idea of offering a project trip as part of their event in 2021. The Pomeroy Lake Trail Project was the culmination of that idea. We had over 20 Jeeps show up and participate with drivers from all over the US. When events, clubs and groups are inspired to help keep trails open by adding education, outreach and stewardship to their existing schedule, we are on the right path.”

Marcus Trusty, Colorado Off-Road Enterprise

“How awesome to see people from all over the nation, all brought together because of our fondness for Flat Fender Jeeps, wanting to give back to help maintain and preserve the trails that we’re blessed with to use and enjoy. We need to make sure they’re taken care of for everyone to use for a long time. Having TL! and CORE along guiding the day made it seem more like playing than working.”

Ward Williams, Colorado Flat Fender Club Member and Volunteer

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