Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Delta National Blue Lake Trail Kiosk and trail interpretive sign installation.

Project: Delta National Blue Lake Trail Kiosk and trail interpretive sign installation.
Location: Mississippi

Description: This project was funded by Nissan North America to help improve public lands with support from volunteers from the Nissan Canton, MS plant near the Delta National Forest.

On June 2, the Tread Lightly! and Delta National Forest teams installed new kiosk signage for the Blue Lake Trail, as well as 10 interpretive trail signs along the Blue Lake Trail. Previous signage had been underwater and destroyed by multi-year flooding in the Delta National Forest.
The Delta National Forest is the only remaining bottomland, hardwood forest in the United States Forest Service system. Thank you to Nissan North America for funding this project and helping to educate trail-users on the importance of Protecting the Adventure.

Thank you to the partners that made this possible:

  • Nissan North America Canton, MS plant
  • United States Forest Service

“Delta National Forest is an important asset for our area and we’re glad to help support it. We’re grateful to Tread Lightly! for making us aware of the opportunity to support the forest and for creating new signage for the Blue Lake Trail.” – David Sliger, Vice President, Manufacturing, Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant, Nissan U.S.

Whether it’s hiking, wildlife viewing, or simply peace and quiet you are looking for, the Blue Lake Recreation Area with its multiple campsites and 1.2 mile hiking trail is one of the most popular locations within Delta National Forest. Our self-guided trail provides visitors an opportunity to learn about all of the natural resources Delta National Forest has to offer. We can’t thank Tread Lightly!, and the volunteers from the Nissan Canton plant enough for cleaning multiple campsites, replacing the damaged interpretive trail signs, and fixing dilapidated boards on our trail boardwalk.  The Blue Lake Trail and campsites haven’t looked this good in years!  – John Wesley Crews, ACTING District Ranger, USFS Delta Ranger District

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