Tread Lightly! Impact Report: George Washington and Jefferson National Forests Dispersed Camping Improvement Project

Project: George Washington and Jefferson National Forests Dispersed Camping Improvement Project
Location: Virginia

Description: The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests Dispersed Camping Improvement Project is one of four Tread Lightly! stewardship projects funded by the Overland Expo Foundation in conjunction with Overland Expo events in 2023. The Overland Expo Foundation is dedicated to creating partnerships with people and organizations that protect and promote the interests of the overlanders, helping provide education and expert resources that enrich the community, and encouraging responsible 4x vehicle- and motorcycle-based exploration of our world.

On January 21, 2024, nine volunteers worked to improve dispersed campsites in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests by installing 29 educational Carsonite posts, removing 850 pounds of trash from campsites and surrounding areas and taking inventory of dispersed sites to help detail future work to be completed in the springtime.

Thank you to the following partners for their support:

“It was a great day spent on FR-42 (Old Coal Road) helping the Forest Service catalogue dispersed camping sites. We installed signage to help inform users of the regs and best practices with the goal of keeping this valuable resource clean and available. OEX wants to help preserve our unspoiled backcountry for future generations.” -Ted Dinwiddie, Instructor with Overland Experts, Tread Lightly! Master Tread Trainer

“It’s always nice being able to revisit districts with the continued cooperation between Go Fox Adventures and Tread Lightly!- stepping back to see the improvements at the end of a day is nice, but it feels even better when you get updates on past project areas and have the opportunity to further improve them over time. I really enjoy working in this district and can’t wait to see what the next project in the mix will be. I’m hopeful this will be an area we get to work in, maintain, and improve for decades to come.” -Ricky Henry, Go Fox Adventures Managing Partner

“Having participated in multiple Tread Lightly! events now, the feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie has never diminished. Joining like-minded folks to improve dispersed camping access alongside the USFS was a fantastic day to spend a frigid day! Thanks for having me along for the ride to both pitch in and help document the day.” -Casey Arnold, Gray Ribbon Adventures Videographer

“This was our fourth project in the Glenwood Pedlar District, and our second with funding from Overland Expo Foundation- we are thrilled to have them as a partner, and to put the funding they provided to good use by marking and improving the dispersed camping sites in the district. These sites require regular attention, and someone staying at one of the sites long past the 14-day stay limit this summer had left a huge amount of trash behind- while it was covered in snow, we were still able to fill more than one pickup truck with what was there. Hopefully the new Carsonite posts with the limit clearly marked will help visitors understand they aren’t meant for long-term habitation.” -Scott Ammerman, Tread Lightly! Program Manager for the Northeast

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