Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Heber-Kamas National Forest Soapstone Basin Kiosk Installation

Project: Heber-Kamas National Forest Soapstone Basin Kiosk Installation
Location: Utah

Description: This project was funded by Can-Am Off-Road. Can-Am has committed to funding trail stewardship projects in partnership with Tread Lightly! to help maintain and improve access to public lands and off-road trails.

Over September 11-13, 2023, 8 volunteers from the Two Wolf Foundation and Weller Recreation joined the Tread Lightly! team at Soapstone Basin in the Heber-Kamas Ranger District. Together, volunteers installed six kiosks at major intersections of the basin. Three were installed at the junction of Soapstone Basin Road and the other three at Soapstone Pass to help educate riders in the area.

Thank you to the veterans from the Two Wolf Foundation for joining the TL! Team to observe Patriot Day, September 11, by giving back to our public lands. Thank you as well to Weller Recreation, Can-Am Off-Road and the Heber-Kamas National Forest.

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

·         Can-Am Off-Road

·         Two Wolf Foundation

·         Heber-Kamas Ranger District

·         Weller Recreation

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“We had an amazing group with us throughout the weekend. Thank you to the Two Wolf Foundation. It was an honor to work with the veterans on Patriot Day. We also couldn’t have done it without the folks from Weller Recreation and the local Ranger District. It was a huge project that spanned three days. Everyone worked hard through the sunshine and the rain. It was easy to see the passion each and everyone of the volunteers have and their desire to give back to the local community. I’m very proud to be a part of it.”-Kabe Wolf, Tread Lightly! Utah Program Manager

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