Tread Lightly Impact Report: Love Your Land 2022: Project 1 by Rigged for Dirt

Project: Love Your Land 2022 Project 1
Location: Lytle Creek, CA

Description: On February 12, 2022, volunteers came together to improve the Lytle Creek recreation area in the San Bernardino National Forest.  Rigged for Dirt organized the project, supported by Tread Lightly! and the USFS San Bernardino National Forest. 18 volunteers helped delineate offroad trails by winching rocks and removing trail overgrowth. Volunteers also improved dispersed camping spots by painting yellow posts and removing trash and unwanted fire rings from the area. Graffiti from rocks and gates were painted over, fencing was installed, and even a tire was repaired to assist the USFS. Along with a day of volunteering, Rigged for Dirt, Tread Lightly! and the USFS worked together to create educational content to educate the off-roading community.

Thank you to Milestar Tires, Rebel Offroad, Innova, Magnaflow, Off the Grid Surplus, Peak Performance and Hydrotank for supporting Rigged for Dirt in this project as well as Deadman Offroad for their use of equipment and volunteering during the project

“While available to everyone, public lands are always at risk of over/misuse. And ultimately at risk of being shut down. As such it’s each off-roader’s responsibility to give as much as they take. If not as much, at least a little. It’s important to us at Rigged For Dirt to keep our trails open for generations to come.”—Ali Sedaghat, Rigged for Dirt

“Our goal is to lead by example, to educate and pass on the values that will preserve our land, its use, and the responsibility to respect it. In that way, we hope RFD can leave a lasting positive mark within the off-road community.”—Frank Martinez, Rigged for Dirt

“This project showed the excellent partnership between the concerned recreators, Forest Service and Tread Lightly!  We were able to work on painting of gates, cleaning of fire rings in Yellow Post sites, trash removal, moving rocks to delineate road boundaries and signage, while explaining the reasons for the work and history of the area. WHAT A GREAT TIME!!!! I can’t wait for our next project with Tread Lightly! Thank You SO Much Tread Lightly!”—Travis Mason, USFS-San Bernardino National Forest

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