Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Outlaw OHV Trail Maintenance

Project: Outlaw OHV Trail Maintenance
Location: Arizona

Description: The Outlaw OHV Trail in Sedona, known for its wildflowers and pristine native flora, offers a moderately challenging motorized trail through the red rocks.

On January 10, 2024, 15 volunteers with the Red Rock OHV Conservation Crew and Coconino Red Rock Trail Crew returned to the Outlaw Trail to continue their work on keeping this area well maintained. Together they completed trail maintenance to reinforce parts of the trail to ensure its safety for riders, closed off areas with trail braiding, trimmed overgrown branches to help keep riders on the trail and placed “healing in progress” signage to help heal user-created trails.

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

“15 volunteers from RROCC and Tread Lightly! along with USFS personnel spent the day working on trail maintenance along the Outlaw OHV Trail (FS9549B) and FS9549 just west of Sedona. The work included reinforcing a rocky uphill portion of the trail for vehicle safety, closing off some trail braiding, placing “healing in progress” signage at appropriate places, and trimming of overgrown tree branches to help keep OHV drivers on the trails.

Similar maintenance that has been done in other portions of the Outlaw OHV Trail over the past year is having a very positive effect. RROCC and Tread Lightly! are committed to these efforts and have several additional projects planned which will help make it even safer and easier to navigate this beautiful trail.” -Tim Angus, RROCC member

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