Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Outlaw Trail Workday

Project: Outlaw Trail Workday
Location: Arizona

Description: On December 13th, 12 volunteers from the Red Rock OHV Conservation Crew (RROCC), along with staff from the US Forest Service, gathered at the Outlaw Trail in the Coconino National Forest to help rehabilitate the trail and block off a dangerous “donut hole” to help protect riders in the area from potentially rolling their vehicles. Volunteers also helped eliminate trail braiding to help protect this area.

By maintaining these trails in this way, it diminishes the chances of erosion, decreases the amount of dust, and ensures long term use of the trail system. Protecting not only the environment, but also the recreation users. 

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

 “The work we did on the Outlaw Trail not only closed off a dangerous “Donut Hole” but also eliminated some trail braiding (multiple roads running back and forth parallel to each other). The widening and braiding of trails increases erosion, dust and overall impact that often results in more frequent and longer closures. Putting some work in the trail means we get to use it for longer. As users, we can partner with land managers to contribute to our favorite local trails and help keep them open for us all to enjoy.” – Nena Barlow, Barlow Adventures

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