Tread Lightly! Impact Report: The Mint 400 Post-Event Cleanup

Project: The Mint 400 Post-Event Cleanup
Location: Nevada

Description: On March 10, 2024, volunteers gathered after The Mint 400 Cleanup to leave the desert better than they found it. Together 18 volunteers worked to clean up multiple BLM areas, including spectator zones and road crossings. Together volunteers packed out 1,600 pounds of trash, improving 20 miles of trail in the area.

This is one of two cleanups hosted by The Mint 400. Since 2017, ahead of the weeklong event, Mint 400 organizers host their annual Desert Cleanup to help restore the natural beauty of the area impacted by race events.

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

“We’re proud to share that over the past eight years, The Mint 400 Desert Cleanup Volunteers have collectively removed 229.3 tons (458,580 pounds) of waste from the Ivanpah Valley. Each year, we’ve seen a significant increase in contributions to maintaining and restoring the natural beauty of our race locations, from 14.54 tons in 2017 to 41.42 tons in 2024.”, said The Martelli Brothers, owners of the Mint 400 and Unlimited Off-Road Racing series. We are tremendously grateful for our partnership with Tread Lightly!, particularly for their invaluable support with the cleanup and with post-event cleanup for the second consecutive year. This collaboration not only aids in our efforts but is a cornerstone of our commitment to not just race, but to also respect and rejuvenate our beautiful desert landscapes. Our shared commitment extends beyond the Mint 400 race course; as the entire Ivanpah Valley is a thriving off-highway vehicle (OHV) community, and we are proud to partner with Tread Lightly! each year to ensure its preservation.”-Josh Martelli, MINT 400

“For the second year in a row, we had the pleasure of participating in the Mint 400 trail clean up with Tread Lightly! and the Sin City Broncos.  We are fortunate to enjoy these public lands for off-roading and recreation.  To ensure our lands remain accessible and enjoyable for years to come, it’s imperative that we practice responsible recreation.  Trail cleanups like this are an easy and fun way to set positive examples for the off-road community and foster a culture of respect for our environment. Thus, we are appreciative of organizations like Tread Lightly! that work with local communities and clubs to organize these events, educate and promote responsible recreation. Plus, with our trail cleanup sponsors, everyone walked away with some awesome goodies! It’s a win-win-win. So, thank you to the entire Tread Lightly! Team! Already looking forward to the next cleanup.”-Nick Pucci, Bronco Snapshots

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