Tread Lightly! Impact Report: White Hills Staging Area Project

Project: White Hills Staging Area Project
Location: Arizona

Description: On October 28, 15 volunteers gathered to assist in the opening of the new White Hills Motorized Singletrack Staging Area in the Red Rock Ranger district of the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. Together they installed fencing and two kiosk panels with responsible OHV information and maps, along with creating parking space delineation in the area. After the project, volunteers were invited to join in for lunch, giveaways and a responsible off-highway motorcycle trail ride led by the Coconino Trail Riders. In total, 30 miles of trails were improved by this project.

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

·         USFS-Coconino National Forest

·         Bronco Wild Fund

·         Desert Ford Dealers

·         Friends of the Forest

·         Coconino Trail Riders

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“The development of the White Hills Motorized Singletrack Staging Area is an important piece of supporting infrastructure for forest visitors as they access motorized opportunities and 30 miles of motorized singletrack trails. This new trailhead welcomes users as they enter Coconino National Forest Land and provides more accessible parking, maps, and Tread Lightly! information while improving resource protection to the surrounding area including restoration to the watershed to a nearby livestock tank. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the many partners who all helped with funding, logistics, design, and implementation. The work accomplished today is a great example of how important our volunteers are to continue stewardship of public lands.”-Kevin Kuhl, Trails/Wilderness/OHV Coordinator, Coconino National Forest

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