Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Wilson Canyon OHV Area Signage Installation

Project: Wilson Canyon OHV Area Signage Installation
Location: Nevada

Description: On October 23, 2023, eight volunteers gathered at the Wilson Canyon OHV Area to install new signage in the area. In total, 10 signs were installed with messaging to remind OHV users about the importance of proper safety gear and to educate about sensitive riparian areas and how to minimize their impacts while riding. In total, 10 miles of OHV trail were impacted by this project.

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

“Thank you to our partners for helping to bring crucial information to the Wilson Canyon OHV area. This signage will not only help to remind riders of the importance of safety gear, but will also help educate them on how to Tread Lightly! and help us Protect the Fun for future generations.”-Laura Butcher, Tread Lightly! Nevada Program Manager

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