Tread Lightly! Welcomes New Members to its Board of Directors

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (January 18, 2013) – Tread Lightly!, a national nonprofit organization with a mission to promote responsible outdoor recreation, is pleased to welcome three new members to its volunteer Board of Directors.

“We are honored to have Todd Smith with InterMedia Outdoors, Martin MacDonald with Bass Pro Shops and Paul Golde with Kawasaki Motor Corporation, U.S.A. join our Board of Directors,” said Lori McCullough, Tread Lightly!’s executive director. “It is important to have a strong Board of Directors with a diverse set of skills and talents to assure that Tread Lightly! effectively represents its constituents, remains financially viable and stays focused on its mission of promoting responsible recreation through ethics education and stewardship programs.”

Smith currently serves as Vice President of Content Development with InterMedia Outdoors, the premier outdoor sports-oriented media group in the United States. Not only does Todd bring great expertise in the communications field, InterMedia Outdoors reaches 80 million devoted sportsmen, a critically important demographic for Tread Lightly! to reach as well.

MacDonald, Director of Corporate Public Relations, Conservation and Youth Development at Bass Pro Shops, one of America’s leading outdoor retailers in America, brings a wealth of experience to Tread Lightly! including a background in education and interpretation.

Golde, a Senior Product Specialist with Kawasaki Motors, is a genuine off-highway vehicle enthusiast with a life-long passion for promoting responsible recreation in order to protect our natural resources as well as opportunities to continue accessing the great outdoors to enjoy recreation, whether by vehicle or foot.

During Tread Lightly!’s recent Board of Director’s meeting, Brad Franklin from Yamaha Motor Corporation was re-elected as Chairman of the Board. Kevin Lund, John Deere’s Group Product Marketing Manager was re-elected as Vice Chair. Christine Jourdain, Executive Director of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, was re-elected as the Board’s Secretary and Pat Hudak with North American Media Group was re-elected as Treasurer.


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