Colorado Pawnee Raptor Habitat Restoration Project

Noble10Greeley, Colo. – August 21, 2015 – The ongoing partnership between Tread Lightly! and Noble Energy, Inc. continued to support multiple-use access, sustainability, education and stewardship of America’s natural resources with the completion of another hands-on volunteer project on the Pawnee National Grassland.

On August 21st, in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service’s Pawnee National Grassland office, Noble Energy employees worked alongside volunteers from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and with support from the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program to help restore an important raptor nesting area back to its natural state.

“It is exciting to see Tread Lightly! staff and volunteers stand side-by-side with volunteers from Noble Energy and the U.S. Forest Service while extending our message and our mission of education and stewardship,” said Lori McCullough, executive director for Tread Lightly! “Our goals for this project are to both protect the raptors and to keep this area open and accessible to visitors for years to come.”

Noble14The raptors in the Pawnee Grasslands make this a world-class bird-watching area. Protecting the habitat is critical for the bird populations, and bird watching is an important source of tourism for nearby towns like Greeley, Colorado.

“Environmental stewardship is a cornerstone of Noble Energy’s commitment to do what’s right for the people of Colorado, both in how we develop energy and in supporting outstanding organizations like Tread Lightly! that are working to ensure sustainability of our state’s natural and scenic resources,” said Chip Rimer, Noble Energy Senior Vice President of U.S. Onshore. “It’s another important example in how by working together, Colorado can continue to have the energy we need, the economy we want and the environment we value.”

“Returning this area to its natural state is a great accomplishment that not only protects a unique nesting site on the Pawnee National Grassland, but also focuses recreation use to our recently developed Pawnee Buttes Trailhead with great amenities for visitors,” Acting Deputy Forest Supervisor Tom Ford said.

Noble13“The conservation of nesting areas and migratory corridors on the Pawnee and surrounding areas is critical to the survival of several raptor species in northeastern Colorado,” said Michael C. Tincher, Rehabilitation Coordinator at the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. mapas “Functional partnerships between the energy industry, environmental groups, state/federal agencies and private landowners are crucial to making this happen. Hopefully this is just the start of many such cooperative endeavors.”

Noble’s Nurturing with Nature partnership with Tread Lightly! involved two other hands-on Restoration for Recreation projects in 2015, including the Main Draw OHV project, which was completed June 26, and the Baker Draw Designated Shooting Area completed September 21, 2015.

The multifaceted “Nurturing with Nature” partnership is highlighted by the development of a unique educational program to connect Greeley students with the outdoors. By integrating outdoor ethics and skills education into local schools, Tread Lightly! and Noble Energy are providing Greeley’s youth with direct exposure to nature. This type of exposure has proven essential for healthy childhood development and nurturing a society of good citizens and environmental stewards.

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