Resources for first-time firearm owners

After you purchase your first firearm, it’s important to learn about safety, proper storage and ethical recreation practices. Take some time to go over our list of responsible gun owner resources to help keep yourself and loved ones safe and keep public land shooting opportunities open and available.


Safety Videos and literature from NSSF

NSSF VID 4 Rules of Firearm Safety

NSSF Wildfire Prevention

Arizona Game and Fish Dept Courses and Facility information

Sootch00 Gun Safety Vid

1911 Syndicate Gun Safety Vid 

Warrior Poet Society New Gun Owner Vid


Ethical Hunting

Ethical Hunting and Conservation Tips from NSSF

Tread Lightly! Responsible Hunting Tips

Arizona Game and Fish Dept Hunting License and Guidelines Information


Responsible Recreation

Tread Lightly! Responsible Shootings Sports Tips

Tread Lightly! 101 Free Online Course

Find a Range with NSSFs Where To Shoot locator


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