Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Jasper, Arkansas Educational Signage

Project: Jasper, Arkansas Educational Signage
Location: Arkansas

Description:  In partnership with the US Forest Service, Tread Lightly! created important messaging and signs to support two events in Jasper, Arkansas.

On March 15-16, the town of Jasper, Arkansas hosted its second annual Jeep Jam, an event supporting Overlanding, Jeep Trail Rides, and education about responsible recreation. Roughly three weeks later, thousands of non-residents flooded this small Arkansas town, being one of the locations in the path of totality for the 2024 Eclipse.

Jasper knew that the influx of visitors to their small town could mean litter, driving on private property, building campfires in unapproved locations, and the potential for other impacts. Tread Lightly! had recently provided some signage for the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest that is very close to Jasper and creating additional signage with support of the USFS made a perfect synergy for communicating responsible behavior during both the Jeep Jam event and the Eclipse viewing.

Tread Lightly! created 36 educational signs, including large banners, signs and window posters that could be put up at the major viewing areas along with every business around Jasper so that visitors see the positive messaging throughout their visit. Reports from both events indicated that the signage had a positive effect as many folks commented on the signs and the events went off smoothly with virtually no issues with trash or property damage to overcome post-event.

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

“This project supported by our partners at USFS became a wonderful extension of signage produced for the Big Piney Ranger District of the Ozark-St. Francis NF only a month previous where 18 Tread Lightly! signs were installed to communicate responsible motorized recreation. Being able to have responsible messaging within the Big Piney District of the forest as well as supporting two major events for the town of Jasper was a wonderful synergy of support for both forests, public and private lands. Within a short timeframe, we were able to Protect the Adventure for the forest, for the town of Jasper, for Jeep and Overlanders and for Eclipse viewers. Pretty cool.”- Lowell Eckart, Southeast Program Manager, Tread Lightly!

“These signs and banners are posted all over the City of Jasper and Newton County. We displayed the banners in the heart of Jasper, and everyone was so appreciative of the reminder to keep our city clean.”- Lisa Duet- Director of Advertising and Promotions, Jasper Advertising and Promotions Commission

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