Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Sand Lake Huron Shores Trail Restoration Project

Project: Sand Lake Huron Shores Trail Restoration Project
Location: Michigan

Description: This project was funded by Can-Am Off-Road. Can-Am has committed to funding trail stewardship projects in partnership with Tread Lightly! to help maintain and improve access to public lands and off-road trails.

On December 1, 2023, 230 feet of new rail fencing was installed as part of a multiyear plan to restore and rehabilitate a 10-acre National Forest area near Sand Lake in Grant Township, Michigan by the Huron-Shores Ranger District, six volunteers, and Tread Lightly! staff.

There are several access trails that traverse this area like a spiderweb of illegal routes. This project helps to reduce off-trail illegal motorized activity and ensure the protection of wildlife habitat in this amazing area. Thank you to the volunteers who helped complete this project before the winter weather set in.

Thank you to the partners who made this possible:

 “Thank you to Can-Am for funding this important project and our amazing volunteers and the US Forest Service for getting in the field with us to get this work completed. We’re proud to address illegal motorized use in this area by providing positive solutions to keep access available and protect natural resources and wildlife habitat.”-Mike Sype, Tread Lightly! Want to get involved in your own Tread Lightly! project? Find upcoming activities, events, and grant opportunities at treadlightly.org.

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